About Me

My name is Paula Lombarte, I’m graduated in International Relations, a four years University Degree, I have also performed a Master in European Union and Human Rights.

All my studies have been conducted in the English language since 2007. 

When I was 14 I had the opportunity to join the SHAPE International School -Mons, Belgium- and completed the High School there. Since those years I have had a goal: I wish to work in a Multinational Environment and , if possible, in NATO.

I´m self-motivated and proactive with excellent cross-cultural communication skills and networking abilities, person who strives in international environments.

I have built this site to show in an easier way my CV for all those interested on it. If you wish more information don´t hesitate to contact me.


I’m graduated in International Relations, a four years University Degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid)

I also performed a Master in European Union and Human Rights. The Catholic University of Murcia was the place were I developed my activities. My Final Master Job was about NATO.

Additional Studies

I ever try to expand my knowledge, and every time I have opportunity I attend or participated in conferences or seminars. Currently I have started a degree in Law.

  • International Marketing for Higher Education Institutions: Strategy and Implementation.Catholic University (Murcia, ESP)
  • Global Security and Intelligence. Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, ESP)
  • Intelligence Services and International Security. University of Alicante (Alicante, ESP)
  • Negotiation techniques, team leadership and leadership. Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, ESP)


Apart from the  Spanish – mother language-

Since 2007 all my studies and jobs have been conducted in English. I´m practically bilingual.

I also owns a good level of French obtained in the Alliance Francaise.

and basic Mandarin Chinese, I studied it for two years during my degree.


Other Competences

In addition to my professional qualifications I also own other skills and competences that add value to my  personal file.

  • Security Clearance: NATO SECRET and EU SECRET in force.
  • MS Office Suite highly proficient SharePoint and other NATO tools (TTE…)
  • Client Relation Management
  • Car driving license since 2011

And also experience in volunteer activities, collaborating with www.syad.es.


Working Experience

2017/18. NATO in Brussels

Eventually working in NATO

Started in September 2017 as Executive Assistant of the Financial Controller of NATO Communication Information Agency (NCIA), the post was challenging since I didn´t had a strong financial background, but that was never a problem to perform my duties and succeed in my role and further beyond that.  The job description itself had a wide range of duties proper of the management of a front office, rated from administrative towards more strategical tasks such as:

  • Provide general office and administrative support to Financial Controller and Branch Heads
  • Daily calendar management,
  • Setting meetings,
  • Documents and letters drafting,
  • Duty travel arrangements,
  • Distribution and point of contact for external and internal stakeholders,
  • Visits and events organization, including VIP.
  • Use of Microsoft Suit appliances and other working tools such as Shared Point, Financial Core System and  Tasker Tracker.

I started as an administrative assistant and evolved to taking decisions within my framework to assure the workflow and the office objectives would be accomplished. I left it last October, this was a temporary contract, once I formally handed it over to the owner I was replacing.


NCIA FC appreciation letter

2015/16. NATO in Turkey


I acquired my initial North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) experience in September 2016 when I joined the NATO Land Component Command HQ in Izmir – Turkey- as component of the Key Leader Engagement (KLE) cell. The post required, as its name states, to engage internally with the HQ staff and externally with other NATO Headquarters and Defense related bodies to link up the Command Group and assure that the main objectives set by our Commander were achieved; main activities were:

  • Built year-long strategic engagement calendar
  • Organization and coordination of VIPs Visits and high-level social events and meetings
  • Organization and coordination of Land Corps Command Conference´17 -LC3 up to 3* General Level
  • Back briefer for Key Leader Engagement matters
  • Battle Rhythm meetings back seater
  • Point of Contact for external engagement meetings
  • VTC assistance
  • Chief of Staff coordination meeting preparation
  • Information Knowledge Management

A lot of knowledge about the Organization and its structure was needed so succeed in this post, I had to track the daily and weekly updates but also prepare and organize high rank visits and events up to 300 attendees. By August 2017 I finalized my commitment there to join the NCIA position previously mentioned. I got a fantastic experience working in a multinational environment.


LCC COS letter of recommendation

LCC COM Action Team recommendation

2014/15. Starting 


I also worked for the Private sector, at the Catholic University of Murcia, Spain. I started, by summer 2015, as an Intern in the International Marketing Department -International Relations Vice Rectorate-. My initial main role was to direct students – mainly from the Middle and East Asia- through the admissions process making sure they will submit their documentation in time and being their point of contact for any enquiries. However, I became easily engaged in the post and with really good communication solution-finder skills I ended up taking tasks such as:

  • Admissions process of International Student for Master’s
  • International Admissions Inbox Management
  • Official Communications
  • Interviews executions
  • Translation of brochures and webpages,
  • Promotional walking tours for potential new partners
  • Organization of Informative sessions (live and Online)
  • Organizing events for the University,
  • Organization and coordination of Institutional and social events – VIPs Visits
  • Organizing short term student exchange programs,
  • Being point of contact for Embassies and public organizations

and what was most impressive, I ended my activities there having my own intern.


UCAM reference letter

UCAM RI Departament reference letter

2013/14. Trainee


As all students I had to perform a mandatory training period to reach the University Degree. I asked and was accepted to spend my practice period in the Spanish Minister of Cooperation and Foreing Affaires. I had the opportunity to deal with real policy documents and reports, database update and renewal, news and feedback updates on subject countries, internal and external correspondence management, Internal Communications Drafting, etc…and perhaps the most exciting activity was to attend to the Conference Mediterranean Dialogue and 5+5 Dialogue.


If you wish to contact me:


+34 646 955 126

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